We accept most dental insurance plans, and we bill for services through insurance, just like a typical dentist’s office.

See if your exam is covered

Curious if your insurance covers you for a Tend exam? We can tell you in just a few seconds.

Unfortunately, there are some dental insurance plans we don’t accept, including Medicaid, Healthplex, HMO, DMO, and others. If we don’t take yours, we’ll contact you ahead of your visit.

Not using insurance?
Here’s what to expect.

First Dental Exam

70 mins


6-Month Dental Exam

60 mins



70 mins


*Your exact cost will depend on whether you need any imaging.

Insurance can be daunting.
We’re here to help.

If you have any questions at all about your coverage, give us a call at (212) 406-3686 and we’ll talk through it.