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Mayflower Detox is a premium 48 bed healthcare facility licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to provide Acute Treatment Services (ATS detox) and Clinical Stabilization Services (CSS detox or Residential treatment) to assist patients who are struggling with the disease of addiction.

Detox Programs and Managing Addiction

At Mayflower, we recognize that detoxification is different for everyone and offer Medically Monitored ATS Detox services and Clinical Stabilization Services (CSS or Residential) to help patients deal with ongoing management of their addiction as they move into the next phase of their recovery. We offer medical and clinical support for a variety of addictions, including: 

A typical stay at Mayflower Detox can last 3-7 days in the ATS Detox program and another and 2-3 weeks in the CSS Detox program.

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Acute Treatment Services (Detox)

Detox Customized to Your Needs

Mayflower Detox created the innovative Rapid Intake Program to get patients and their families the help they need quickly and eaa

Acute Treatment Services or “Detox” at Mayflower takes place in our modern facility in Wilmington, MA. Built in 2021, Mayflower Detox offers patients a modern, safe, comfortable, and private location to begin their detoxification treatment.

Our experienced medical and clinical professionals and case managers will work with you to create a custom treatment program just for you. 

Our skilled team of clinicians will monitor you and provide support to ensure that clients work through the physical, mental, and emotional symptoms of withdrawal safely and comfortably. Qualified members of our medical staff are licensed to give medication to help reduce withdrawal symptoms from drugs or alcohol and further assist you in your detoxification.

Clients also receive education, motivational interventions, and case management services to guide them to the next levels of care The average length of stay in Detox at Mayflower is 3 to 7 days.

Personalized Clinical Stabilization Services
(Residential or “Res” Treatment)

Once a patient is free from the grips of having the addictive substance in their body and has completed the most acute stage of detox, they may begin their residential treatment in a safe and supportive inpatient setting.
Our team of nurses, doctors, therapists, social workers, and mental health workers will provide a variety of support, therapy, and education services and join together with case managers to provide structure and serve as a bridge from Mayflower Detox into your aftercare or further rehab programs. A typical residential program can last about 2 to 3 weeks.

Mayflower Detox is Conveniently Located Near Boston

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Mayflower Detox chose to build its brand new detox in Wilmington, MA, less than 20 miles from Boston and Logan Airport. It is also convenient to Routes 128, I93, and I95 making Mayflower Detox easily accessible from Southern New Hampshire, Methuen, Beverly, Danvers, Quincy, Braintree, Waltham, Newton, Lowell, Andover, Reading, Salem, NH, Manchester, NH, Worcester and the North and South Shore.