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What is an LED Neon Light

Neon lighting has always been a popular choice for signage and decoration. Bright, clear lighting stands out and is a great way to attract people to your business. Neon lights were traditionally made with glass tubes filled with an inert gas like Neon, which is typically hard to perfectly shape to the design and costly to maintain due to the higher risk of breakage and greater power consumption.

This is where LED Neon lights came to fruition, a much more effective alternative to glass neon lights. LED Neon is made of LED modules placed inside flexible Silicone or PVC tube to produce a uniform and soft glowing light closely replicating a traditional glass neon light.

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Have you ever walked into a space and instantly thought, wow, I like the vibe in here. Us humans are very visual creatures, and chances are, something about the setting spoke to you. Whether it was the comfy furnishings, unique decor, or, most likely…the lighting.

Harsh overhead lights are such… old news. Leave them in the past and upgrade your space with a bright glowing, eye-catching, custom LED Neon Sign.


Why LED Neon?


LED Neon is highly customizable. Our expertise allows us to shape neon into any logo or wording you like!


Due to our complete in-house manufacturing, we’re able to keep the costs low while the quality stays high.



There’s nothing more eye-catching than a beautifully luminous LED neon sign to add a unique flair to a space.


From initial design to installing your LED neon sign, we’ll guide you through every step of the way. We can set up your LED neon signs in no time at all.

Great quality, delivered fast!

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Our in-house team will design, manufacture and install your LED neon sign from start to finish, all in 3 working days.

 Our dedication to providing a complete in-house service means that we can guarantee consistent high-quality products 100% of the time. Unlike many neon sign companies which may take weeks to deliver a final product and import from other countries, we don’t believe in outsourcing any step of our process. Instead, our hands-on approach will ensure you receive the LED Neon sign of your dreams, fast.

 From initial design and mock-ups to the creation and finally, installation, we have every need covered.

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Inexpensive, easily installed, long-lasting.

To put it simply, we are experts in creating custom LED neon signs for any purpose. And more importantly, we have tailored our services to the point where we are able to offer top-quality LED neon signs as affordable as possible.


Guaranteed high-quality with locally-handcrafted LED neon signs.

Choose a company that has over 20 years of experience in crafting neon signs.

Throughout the years when neon signage has gained popularity, we have been there right alongside it. Growing our skillset, perfecting the art, and learning about the product.


Our LED Neon signs are completely customizable.

We’ve perfected the art of handcrafted LED Neon signs.

Our in-house design team are experts at handling neon, one big benefit of LED neon being that it can be shaped and moulded as per your design preferences. Each of our LED Neon Signs can be customized completely to suit your needs.


Highly-capable technical team.

We have an experienced technical team to tackle challenging installations

We have at our disposal a highly skilled team, and necessary equipment needed to install LED Neon signs at anytime & anywhere with utmost attention to detail no matter how challenging the job maybe.

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We’re dedicated to providing our customers with custom LED neon signs in 3 working days. We absolutely love to chat through any LED neon-sign related queries you may have, so feel free to reach out on _ whenever you fancy (within our hours of _… that is!)

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