The Premier Detox Facility in New England

Mayflower Recovery offers world class treatment, staff, facilities and amenities.

Detox Services

We offer both Detox (Acute Therapy Services – ATS) and Residential (Clinical Stabilization Service – CSS) treatment

ATS Medically Monitored Detox provides safety, support and medication as you break the grip of drugs and alcohol.

CSS Detox Services provide therapy, counseling, and educational programs to build a stable foundation for your future recovery treatment.

Our Detox and Residential programs are personalized to meet your needs and goals and give you the best chance at success.

Insurance Verification

Depending on your insurance plan, some or all of your treatment may be covered.

Mayflower takes the guesswork out of insurance coverage. Our Rapid Intake team can often do an initial verification of your insurance coverage in 90 seconds or less and get you started on the road to recovery almost instantly.

Mayflower Insurance Verification

We’re here 24×7

Start Your Journey Today

Take back control of your life.  Mayflower Detox is just a call away. Call 978-737-7937 today to talk to one of our intake counselors today.


Centrally Located and Convenient Detox for Massachusetts and all of New England

Concierge Level Intake Service

Your Rapid Intake coordinators handle all the details of admitting to Mayflower detox. Just give us a call 24 hours a day.

Call us at 978-737-7937

ou just need to make the call to get started today

We offer a newly constructed state of the art, 22,000 sq foot Facility


A modern, safe and cozy place for you to detox. The ideal setting to start your Journey to Recovery.

Fantastic Food

Our kitchen and foodservice are modeled after luxury hotels, providing restaurant-quality food.

Comfortable Rooms

All guest bedrooms have been professionally designed and thoughtfully appointed to be a retreat for you during your detox.


Mayflower offers a host of amenities, including a fireplace great room, dedicated entertainment rooms, and a variety of activities.